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In Love with Conversion — How UGC Creatives Increased Purchase Rate by 90% for

In the competitive landscape of online dating, standing out requires more than just traditional marketing tactics. It demands innovation, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the audience’s desires. This is the story of how, in collaboration with UGC Ninja, embraced user-generated content (UGC) like ads to connect with users on a more personal level, resulting in a campaign that was both relatable and effective.
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Objective’s request was clear: differentiate itself in a saturated market and engage a global audience in a meaningful way. The primary objective was not to improve specific metrics but to find working creatives and explore new approaches to positively affect the whole funnel. The solution lay in leveraging the authenticity and relatability of UGC, a strategy that required a nuanced approach to ensure the content resonated with potential users worldwide and made them engage.


The success of this campaign was rooted in a collaborative approach. brought to the table an in-depth understanding of their platform and audience, including the performance metrics, while UGC Ninja provided expertise in sourcing and curating authentic scripts with picking the suitable creators that could speak directly to the hearts of potential users.

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How UGC Ninja Made it Work

* Brainstorm over Research. This approach was intentionally chosen to deviate from overly organic patterns, which were found less effective for the target audience. The focus was on creating a unique identity, one that appealed to users seeking a more distinguished dating experience. We relied on audience emotions and key «matches» when searching for a partner in dating apps.

* Winning Substitution. This is a great example of difference in approaches. Whether CTR decreased, we had an elevation in deep metrics as purchase rate and CPA. It means that focusing on the right audience gives a great boost to clients target actions as we did this with the help of emotional hooks and text body, bypassing the use of screencasts. Only description of application functions in voice or captions.

* Combination method. Basically, it’s the approach that lets us combine the knowledge of our TA with knowledge of UGC mechanics to deliver a clear message to the right people

* Emotional Resonance: The power of emotion was harnessed to create a connection with the audience, making the campaign not just seen but felt. This emotional resonance was key to driving deeper engagement.


The impact of the campaign was evident through tangible metrics.Engagement: The campaign led to a significant increase in user engagement, with a notable uptick in both site visits and time spent on the platform.

Final result of work in numbers

CTR: UGC lower 0.38, then Avg: 0.5% Click Here to See the Creative
Purchase Rate: increased by 90% Click Here to See the Creative
CPA: decreased by 14.3% Click Here to See the Creative
Key Insights for Future Campaigns

This collaboration between and UGC Ninja offers valuable insights for brands considering UGC-like ads in their marketing mix:

* Prioritize Unique Identity: Shift from traditional research to brainstorming to craft a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience’s desires and emotions.

* Focus on Meaningful Metrics: A decrease in click-through rates (CTR) can be offset by improvements in deeper metrics like purchase rate and cost per acquisition (CPA), highlighting the importance of targeting the right audience with emotionally engaging content.

* Emotional Engagement Over Technical Descriptions: Utilize emotional hooks and narrative storytelling over technical demonstrations to create more relatable and compelling marketing content.

* Blend Audience Insights with UGC Mechanics: Combine deep knowledge of your target audience with user-generated content strategies to deliver clear and impactful messages.

* Harness Emotional Resonance: Emotional connection drives deeper engagement, making campaigns not just seen but felt, leading to higher conversion rates.

* Collaboration Enhances Creativity: Working together with partners who bring different perspectives and expertise can lead to more innovative and effective marketing strategies.

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