Navigating Privacy in Mobile Game Publishing: Insights from Industry Leaders

UGC Ninja x Futura.Digital x InMobi

In an era where privacy regulations are reshaping the landscape of digital marketing and game development, a pivotal event hosted by UGC Ninja, in collaboration with InMobi and Futura.Digital, offered profound insights into the evolving challenges and opportunities. Held at AD Gaming, Yas Creative Hub in Abu Dhabi, this panel discussion delved into the intricacies of privacy rules affecting mobile game publishing and marketing.

The Privacy Paradigm: Legal and Platform Requirements
Alina Davletshina from Futura Digital initiated the conversation by highlighting the global landscape of privacy laws, with GDPR and CCPA setting stringent benchmarks. The discussion underscored the UAE’s legal framework, providing a comprehensive overview for developers navigating this complex domain.
Keshav Bajaj of InMobi further explored the obligations imposed by app stores, emphasizing the necessity for developers to have a robust Privacy Policy, train support teams on handling privacy requests, and comply with detailed questionnaires. Apple’s focus on user privacy, including the upcoming policy requiring developers to justify data access, exemplifies the tightening grip on data practices.

Impact on Marketing Teams and Strategies
The conversation shifted towards the impact of privacy changes on marketing strategies for iOS and Android platforms. Keshav Bajaj elaborated on the challenges posed by the lack of user IDs for mobile attribution, highlighting the introduction of Apple’s ATT and Android’s Privacy Sandbox. These developments necessitate a strategic overhaul for marketers to adapt their attribution models and optimize channel performance.

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Creative Solutions in a Data-Scarce Environment
Olga Rogoz of UGC Ninja brought a creative perspective to the discussion, emphasizing the power of UGC-like ads in targeting audiences without relying on extensive data. She outlined a strategy focused on understanding the audience, resonating with their preferences, and leveraging UGC creatives for broad appeal. This approach proves particularly effective in testing new markets, where data may be sparse.

The Future of Creatives in User Acquisition
Addressing the potential of UGC creatives to redefine advertising benchmarks, Olga Rogoz posited that UGC should complement rather than compete with traditional creatives. She envisioned UGC as a new benchmark that enriches the creative arsenal of marketing teams, enhancing engagement and expanding the scope of content strategies.

Insights and Predictions
The panelists concurred that privacy regulations and platform changes are driving a significant shift towards more authentic, user-centric advertising content. The emergence of dedicated in-house roles for UGC content creation, as noted by Olga Rogoz, underscores the industry’s adaptation to these trends.
The event offered a panoramic view of the challenges and strategies at the intersection of privacy regulations and mobile game marketing. As the industry navigates these waters, the insights shared by Alina Davletshina, Keshav Bajaj, and Olga Rogoz illuminate a path forward, emphasizing innovation, compliance, and creative agility. The collaborative dialogue not only shed light on current practices but also charted a course for future developments in mobile game publishing and user acquisition strategies.

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