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Why UGC Ninja?

User-generated content, or UGC, is one of the most important tools you can use to market your brand. UGC comes in a variety of forms and bla bla bla
$391 m
total marketing spend
of our clients
3 days
fastest delivery
5,179 videos
has been made by us
17 m
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Product growth by x8 times in 4 months with UGC Ninja

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Boost your ROI
Google Play's Editor's Choice
Best self-improvement app of 2018
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming
Endel. Placement: FB
Endel creates AI-powered sounds designed to support your everyday life.
Increase your CTR
Over 185 million players worldwide
Available in 13 Languages
Decrease your CPI
Sign Up CR 28%
ROI 130%
ROI 100%
Sign Up CR 20%
WW: CTR 0.78%
US: CTR 2.29%
US: CTR 1.35%
WW: CTR 0.50%
CPI: USA 0.41$
CPI: BR 0.05$
CPI: BR $0.2

Our creators speak 23+ languages and know how to be trustful

Say goodbye to boring and fake creators. We work with creators that have convincing, yet authentic sales tonality

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A few simple steps to take your ads to the next level
Initial meeting & brief
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Content creation
up to 10 days
Applying revisions
3 days
Tests and optimization
up to 2 days
We get acquainted and dive deeper into your project.
We perform research, write original scenarios, and film with creators you choose
We polish the videos to make them perfect for you
You test the ads; we make variations for the best ones

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CMO/Co-founder at MEAL
Inna Igontova
It was a real pleasure working with UGC Ninja. They are fast, creative, and mostly important attentive to your every need. Their deep dive into our query helped us make great quality UGC creatives with phenomenal CTR. Thanks, guys, keep up the great work! Your client orientation helps things happen.
CMO at amma
Peter Starokadomskiy
UGC Ninja is exactly the team you need for producing UGC creatives. They gave us really cool ideas, creators and managed the process throughout, so we were satisfied with the result we got. That was an initial pack so we didn’t wait for something extraordinary but even so some of ads performed quite well.
Partnership Manager at TikTok
Marat Bulanov
UGC Ninja helped 5+ of my client with creative production. UGC Ninja team showed fast delivery, great communication with my clients, and efficient creatives.


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