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Sign Up CR: 28%
ROI: 130%
CTR: 2.52%
UGC Creatives:
CTR: 1.80%
UGC Creatives:
Control group:
Sign Up CR: 20%
ROI: 100%
Control group:
CR: 26.09%
UGC Creatives:
CR: 16.98%
Control group:

Our clients <3 us

Recently I had an experience with UGC Ninja. We ordered 
a production of several user generated videos (UGC). We had set 
the task to create 5 creatives for FB ads and TikTok that would give 
a CTR over 2% in the USA market.
The initial technical task, market analysis, proposals and subsequent project management were in a high level. We were informed about every step. The result has exceeded our expectations. We have received 
5 excellent videos according to our task and additionally all the source materials.

We plan to work with the team in the future. If you need UGC for user acquisition, this is one of the best teams in relation 
of price-quality-speed
Chief Marketing Officer | Zebrainy

Constantine Wysemann

Andrew helped 5+ of my client with creative production. The UGC Ninja team delivered quickly, with great communication.
Partnership Manager at TikTok

Marat Bulatov

We were recommended to UGC Ninja and Andrew personally by our marketing agency to work on our video ads. UGC Ninja did the job perfectly – we've received more than 40 different videos, tailored to our needs, and they performed excellent, lowering our CPM/CPC costs in various channels and countries.

Definitely recommend working with them on videos from influencers. I'd like to highlight their ad production – they're not only hiring great video creators, but also prepare catchy scripts and provide video editing, and because of that we've received plug-n-play ads ready to roll out right away
CPO & Head of International Growth @ FindMyKids, YC Founder W'18

Igor Lyubimov

Our Work

Perfect UGC video ads for performance marketing, created by our vetted creators!
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English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Bahasi ... we work with creators from around the globe.

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How It Works

Initial meeting & brief. This is where we get acquainted and dive deeper into your project.

How It Works

We perform ongoing research to find the best solutions

How It Works

We provide writing scenarios ...

How It Works

... and creator shortlisting

How It Works

Content creation with transparent real-time progress monitoring

How It Works

The final deliverable, all in one place:
All raw files and final edits with various resizes are easily accessible to clients when completed.
Final ads are then delivered
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/ ad

$6,900 per set


Team kick-offs
Personal manager
B-rolls directory
User-generated content guide
Custom delivery time
Subs & Music & Copywriting
Custom list of video creators
36 ads (3 hooks/concept)
12 concepts
Monthly Sub

/ ad

$9,900 per set


*extra AS per package – $399
4 aspect ratio*
8-week delivery
Subs & Music & Copywriting
8 video creators
48 ads (3 hooks/concept)
16 concepts

/ ad

$5,490 per set


*extra AS per package – $199
3 aspect ratio*
4-week delivery
Subs & Music & Copywriting
4 video creators
24 ads (3 hooks/concept)
8 concepts
$2,990 per set

/ ad


*extra AS per package – $99
2 aspect ratio*
5-week delivery
Subs & Music & Copywriting
2 video creators
12 ads (3 hooks/concept)
4 concepts

We recommend the subscription package for the best results

To find the best solution for improving metrics, you need to constantly create content, review data, and draw conclusions based on them.
One pack of creatives and one attempt is not usually enough to see results. Our subscription package is the best deal to see results.